1901 S Elm Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Fresh From the Meat Case!

Create Your Own Bundle

It’s easy, just select any items from the fresh meat case once you hit $249.99 we discount it 20%. Making it $199.99

*Prices may vary in store

The Weekly

3 Lbs. Ground Beef

2 lb. Beef Roast

1 lb. Lean Bacon

1 lb. Homemade Breakfast Sausage

2 Rib Eye Steaks

2 Pork Chops

2 Pork Steak


The Pork Pack

2 lbs. Pork Chops

2 lbs. Pork Steak

2 lbs. Country Pork Ribs

1 lb. Lean Bacon

1 lb. Homemade Breakfast Sausage

½ Slab Spare Ribs


$ 50.99

Its Winter

2-2lb Beef Roast

5-1lb Pkg. Ground Beef

1 Lb. Stew Meat

2 lbs. Cubed Steak

2 lbs. Chili Meat

1 lb. Lean Bacon

2 lbs. Homemade Breakfast Sausage

$ 123.99

Butchers Choice

2 Sirloin Steaks

2 Rib Eye Steaks

2 NY Strip Steaks

2 T-bone Steaks

5 Lbs. Ground Beef

3 Lbs. Rump Roast

4 Boneless Pork Chops

4 Boneless Chicken Breast.

$ 219.99

Steak Heaven

3 Rib Eye Steaks

3 NY Strips Steaks

3 T-Bone Steaks

4 Fillet Mignon Steaks

3 Shoulder Steaks

3 Chuck Steaks

2 London Broil Steaks

3 Petite/Flat Iron Steaks

4 Pork Steaks

2 Sirloin Steaks

$ 362.99

All Meat Bundle

3 Rib Eye Steaks

3 NY Strip Steaks

3 Petite Steaks

3 Shoulder Steaks

4 Lbs. Beef Roast

5 Lbs. Ground Beef

2 Lbs. Smoked Links

10 Lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters

1 LB. bacon

1 LB. Sausage

6 Pork Chops

$ 274.99

Grilling Special

3 Ribeye Steaks

3 NY Strip Steaks

5 Hot Links

2 Lbs. Ground Beef

4 Pork Steak

2 Lbs Pork Country Ribs

10 Chicken Drums or thighs.

5 Lbs. Idaho potatoes.

$ 197.99

Economy Order

20 Lbs. Idaho Potatoes

20 Chicken Leg ¼’s

3 Shoulder Steak

3 Petite Steak

6 Lbs. Ground Beef

6 Pork Chops

6 Pork Steak

2 Lbs. Country Style Ribs

2 lbs. Bacon

2 Lbs. Market Made Sausage.

$ 219.99


8 Rib Eye Steaks

8 T-Bone Steaks

8 NY Strip Steaks

8 Petite Steaks

8 shoulder Steaks

8 Lbs. Beef Roast

8 Fillet Mignon

10 Lbs. Ground Beef

2 Lbs. Sausage Links

10 Lbs. Chicken Leg ¼’s

2 Lbs. Fresh Bacon

12 Pork Chops

$ 879.99

Eat Like A King/Queen

8 Petite Steak

8 Shoulder Steak

8 Lbs. Ground Beef

4 Ribeye Steaks

4 NY Strip Steaks

5 T-Bone Steaks

8 Pork Chops

8 Pork Steaks

5 Lbs. Country Style Ribs

2 Lbs. Breakfast Sausage

2 Lbs. Bacon

1 Tray Pk. Drum Stix

1 Tray Pk. Chicken Thighs

1 Tray Pk. Chicken Wings

1 Whole Fryer

6 Boneless Chicken Breast.

$ 549.99

It’s Perfect

2 Ribeye Steaks

2 T-Bone Steaks

2 Petite Steaks

2 shoulder Steaks

2 Lbs. Beef Roast

3 Lbs. Ground Beef

1 Lb. Smoked Links

10 Lbs. Chicken Leg quarters.

6 Pork Chops

½ Slab Spare Ribs

$ 186.99

Beef Pork Chicken

6 Petite Steak

6 Shoulder Steak

6 Lbs. Beef Roast

6 Lbs. Ground Beef

6 Pork Chops

6 Pork Steak

2 Lbs. Bacon

2 Lbs. Market Made Breakfast Sausage

10 Lbs. Chicken Leg quarters

6 Lbs. Country Style Ribs.

1 Lb. Smoked Sausage Link

$ 252.99


I highly recommend Harvard Meats! Great quality and great prices.
Sandra D
Sandra D
Fantastic store. We had some sausages tonight, wow. Very good quality. Perfectly spiced. Garlic cheese. It was my first time there, and we will be back. The butcher, whom was very friendly, cut a roast just for my needs, can't wait for that tomorrow night. Very clean store, both employees very nice and knowledgeable. The meat was so good looking and reasonably-priced that I'm going back for more .UPDATE: we had the roast that I bought yesterday, it was such an amazing cut of meat. Very tasty. We definatley will be buying our meats from there. I also bought local honey from there, that was drizzled onto our cereal this morning it was delicious as well. UPDATE: I WENT BACK TO GET MORE HONEY, 2 BOTTLES, AND MORE MEAT. WE GOT A TRI TIP THIS TIME. AND MORE SAUSAGE. WOW. GOOD QUALITY MEATS, AND SO VERY NICE AND FRIENDLY. WELL BE BACK SOON.
Dane Stephens
Dane Stephens
Best meats in broken arrow
William Zimmerman
William Zimmerman
We are new in this area and my wife told me yesterday she would like some brats. I don't care for Johnsonville brats so I did a Google search for fresh brats in Broken Arrow. The search brought up Harvard meats so I went there today. I bought 8 garlic cheddar brats and they are EXCELLENT. I am glad I bought enough for two meals and I will be back to try more of their varieties. This is a full service fresh meat shop. Give them a try for all the fresh meats you are looking for.
Samantha Fawn Russo
Samantha Fawn Russo
My husband and I discovered this amazing meat market this week when searching for a top-notch prime rib roast. They were helpful in preparing it just as I wanted. We were so impressed that we decided to stop by this afternoon to buy bone-in pork chops and am I glad we did! I simply seasoned them and cooked them in my air fryer about 12 minutes and they were the BEST chops we’ve ever eaten. EVER! Juicy, tender, and full of flavor. We’ve ordered chops at fine restaurants before that don’t hold a candle to the ones we bought at Harvard Meats. We highly recommend this meat market. You won’t be disappointed 😋. Family run and super friendly/helpful!
Ernest H
Ernest H
Best customer service and products.
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Never had any bad experiences at all. The staff is friendly and love their bundles
Judith Felix
Judith Felix
Get your Christmas roast here. Affordable & great tasting!